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date of purchase. but not all retailers made the list like target. taking up its return policy for electronic devices including computers, tablets, cameras now must be returned within 30 days. you are out of luck if the item has been open. the retailer that made the naughty list includes sears. shortening return policy for many days to 60 days. some retailers are making it easier for consumers this holiday season, and the ones who do, we will remember you next christmas season. that is it for tonight's "the willis report." don't forget to dvr the show if you cannot catch us live. we will see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody.
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we're bringing you the latest on the obama administration shifting explanations about the benghazi terrorist attacks. among our guests, middle east expert, also the obama administration gearing up to unleash dozens of new job killing regulations in the presidents second term. a live report on one of the agencies issuing many of those rules, environmental protection agency. and the author of the brand-new book, the five cohost joins us tonight. we begin with a political fallout of another tragedy, september 11 murder of fourwe americans in benghazi. susan rice yesterday withdrew her name from consideration too be secretary of state. the move comes after weeks of criticism over comments rice made regarding the attacks in benghazi in an interview with
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williams, she was asked if she was blameless for the controversy. thi speak i don't think anybody is ever fully blame, but i didn't do anything wrong, did not mislead, did not misrepresent, i did the best with information united states government had at thete time. >lou: here's what ambassador rie did say five days after onl benghazi. >> the best information we have today is this was not a pre-planned, premeditated what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. lou: she said nobody is blameless. joining us now, fox news middlen east analyst. it is great to have you with us. your reaction first to her claim
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she did not misrepresent, did not lie about what happened in benghazi. >> she may be mistaking the version of national security given to her is well defined in the sense she said what she had to say, she did not commit a lie with the american public knowing it did, but on the other handinw there was an assessment made in washington prior to that the next few hours clearly this was a terrorist attack by armed people. in between those two there's a political decision not to tell the truth as to what happened for political reasons. that is something the ambassador cannothe get out of because thee will be an analysis look at everything that has happenedi before and that is not something that will change the decision be congress. lou: i know in washington, d.c.,
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there is a view strongly held by many that a parallel view of the universe, although unrelated to the one in which we live if authorized by the gym and government authority therefore it is correct, it is not a view most of us living out here in america actually can support or agree with. the ambassador is likely to be the next national security advisor to the president, she will remain on his, if you will, a teamclose. who is next? >> the next surgery state has to have a good understanding of the region, of all regions from north korea toin libya. with what is happening now in egypt, the earthquake that will begin as of tomorrow with theaso passing of a referendum with the civil war in syria and the
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unsettled business between gaza and israel with the possibility in the next year or so iran will tell us they're nuclear now, the next has to be oneat that is wey educated in what is happening otherwise we will end up with muchween bigger benghazi proble. lou: imagine the constitutional referendum tomorrow. it will take some time for that to fully develop with support for president morsi's judgment for what it should look like. will he prevail, will h hear the end of the process possessed the powers he claimed for himselfocf mexico for which he has since relinquished? >> unfortunately my answer will be, yes. president morsi of egypt has maneuvered, we need to go and get a strong message of note to the referendum but the other part of the opposition saying we
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want to boycott, so now they are divided, the result will be the muslim brotherhood, government of egypt will be most likely win this referendum. on the other hand the opposition is very strong in egypt, the return to the previous situation, so what i suggest the future is morsi will try to establish a referendum state in a very strong opposition for months and months for the regime innt egypt.nths lou: as we wrap up, professor, russia today walking back the comments that had been quoted from the deputy foreign minister basically saying they acknowledge he has been losing power and that his departure is a foregones conclusion, and now they're talking but strongdden support and making it very clear that frothey firmly support hisa >> russians cannot let go until
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he actually goes because he is a major ally to them, he is allied to iran, some politicians in iraq are all they have to see anti-americans further so what i see now is the civil war is only going to grow unfortunately between an asset to cannot take back the country and opposition to cannot bringt him down very fast. lou: as always, thank you for being with us. first lady michelle obama slinging delegations about what she claims were voting irregularities in the presidential election. on the radio show she said voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country.s ar the first lady cited no specifics and prompted judicial watch to issue the fina followig statement. mrs. obama's exhibitions of minority vote suppression or racially divisive and show a dangerous disregard for the
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troops. we are aware of no evidence of actual voter suppression.r if she has some issues to disclose. by the way, we have not heard from the justice department on this issue at all. given his history that we certainly would have if there waslth any incident of voter suppression. our next guest defense the tough voter id law say it is a paramount important that we protect the integrity of the process and make sure voter irregularities and voter fraud is eliminating. joining us now, attorney general of south carolina, great to have you with first, your reaction to what the first lady had to say. >> i obviously disagree with the first lady.with in every state i looked at, georgia, indiana are two states, section five, one is not a section five
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when they have had laws with a federal id for the voter registration card actually minority that is a went up in subsequent elections and participation.s. lou: when you talk about the five states, those are states because of civil rights transgressions 60 years ago, 50 years ago, they still remain under the watchful eye of the justice department for a revision in their electoral laws or procedures, right?pro >> absolutely. states have asked the federal government permission before they can implement a law thathe affects elections, but in a state passing a law, that she, went up in a state of georgia, up over 40% 2004 to 2008. there is not one court case with any state law they have alleged voter suppression or shanda has been voter suppression.h so it is unfounded.
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lou: absolutely unfounded, the state of michigan,he any state diplomatic of labor in this country, has to be the state of michigan moving in that direction, they you will, ofng south carolina and 23 i other states. this is starting to look like a serious shift historically in this country toward entire nation becoming a right to workk >> usc nine right-to-work statee gaining nine congressional seats from nine states. this is due mostly to the business climate leaving the states going to write to work state and the populations are following. you're seeing a shift overall in right to work philosophy gaining
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traction. lou: creating them themselves had been envisioned, not sure to call them architects or what of obamacare.e these insurance exchanges are note happening now in 18 states plus d.c. are the only ones declaring they will set up their own exchanges under by my math that leaves 25 of thm government.h that is remarkable. >> leading the fight against the health care law in the supreme court able to carve out the ability for states to opt out and i amns proud w opting out of this. the fiscal cliff as far as obamacare is
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lou: for millions of americans, many of whom in part to the intentions of the liberal media, millions of americans don't even know there are about $260 billion worth of obamacare taxes coming their way beginning january 1 in everything from medical devices traditional search taxes on investment income. it is about half the size of the fiscal cliff, if you will, tax hikes that could well be added to them if the year finishes the way we stand right now. >> absolutely, lou. i found it interesting if you read the affordable correct many of the onerous mandate created by obamacare were exempted for the unions so i found it interesting that the administration is looking out for the union and not looking out for the state and individual citizens to bearey the load of this.
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lou: your ground operation would have been a little stronger. you could have prevented people of laws.sorts you don't find that as fair and equitable, right? >> we challenged on constitutional grounds, w but dd not quite get it all. lou: more lawsuits to come and we will see how those, as well. the great state of south carolina. great for being with us. hsbc agrees to being a mexican drug cartel bank. terrorists.ertern tonight she meets the former employee who tried to stop hsbc illegal conduct, former hsbc vice president with us tonight for an exclusive interview. xclu. suddenly, she does something unexpected
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lou: hsbc facing more legal problems tonight. it was a blower who worked as a former vice president and senior business manager is suing the largest bank, second-largest tank in the world for $10 million. said he was wrongfully terminated from hsbc after he reported on suspected frauduleno accounts used for moneyer laundering.n back in 2009. yesterday hsbc agreed to pay are fine of $1.9 billion for transferring billions of dollars to nations including iran and drug cartels moving their money illegally through american subsidiaries. in to put it in perspective, hsbc made 16.8 billion in profits
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last year. joining us now, the whistleblower, the man behind the latest lawsuit.. and first, thank you for being . here. i wanted to turn first to finde out, the assistant attorney general that there would be noho individual prosecution even though the evidence of all the wrongdoing and working hsbc wit, terrorist nations sponsoringnd terrorists, and the mexican drug cartel. your reaction. >> i think it is totally wrong. i believe executives need to be responsible for the actions taking place at the bank. lou: your judgment you know the bank, why would this not be an individual prostitution for what that's taken place in the second-largest bank in the world?se
7:19 pm
>> don't know why there isn't any individual prosecution taking place with the evidence they have. as a question we should be asking law enforcement.the and why's it taking so long to get a response from the bank's and to be treated fairly for the whistleblower? aren't you protected under whistleblower laws? speak i think i've be protected under the whistleblower laws and they need to be more pronouncedr in the community, increase more to protect whistleblowers, wem. need them. >> anointed to do something. n >> or takeover number of branches, you go to drum up moru
7:20 pm
business. going out to the places of business that were honor customer accounts, tell us what> you found. speakerphone businesses did not exist, actual physical locations did not exist, it was just a paper company i would say within the bank computer system showing the transactions taking place but the businesses did not exist. lou: you would be going out to drum up new businesses or new services to make certain thesu account is secure with your bank so you did what, a closed shop, windows boarded up, what did you find? >> some companies were empty lots, some were not in, some did not exist at all anywhere to bet found.
7:21 pm
>> when you got back, what did you tell your bosses? >> told by superiors exactly what i found and i reported suspicious activity. lou: did you have a sense it wat money-laundering? >> my job is to manage accounts, ier reported it and out of my bk of business there was nothing to manage and they were supposed to handle it o in a legal manner. o lou: what was finally the reaction of her management? >> my manager wrote me up for poor job performance. not handling the accounts of not doing my job.ired lou: and then you were fired? >> i was fired in 2010 at
7:22 pm
reporting everything to social security.o lou: and law enforcement authorities. >> yes. i left the bank know i was going through law enforcement with e-mails, i let them know i was going through everything. lou: the result of that is youre part in what we saw transpireio yesterday, that is $1.9 billion in fines but no >> that is correct. lou: your lawsuit is moving forward, how long before there will be a resolution? >> i do not know how long it will take, has been a few years now in the makings who just filed it yesterday, we will see what happens very shortly. lou: thank you for being here, we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. lou: of use of a higher power. relating mother nature now.
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♪ lou: more red tape. the associated press reported the obama administration iss quietly rolling out dozens of major new regulations now that the election and campaign scrutiny is over as if it were ever very powerful. the rules cover everything from greenhouse gas emissions to oil drilling ini wall one of the more controversial provisions requiring all new cars to have bloc black boxes recording what caused the crash but privacy advocates argue itu is intrusive technology and it is likely to be abused. one of the government agencies that has earned a reputation fot abuse is the obamause administration epa.
7:27 pm
now suing the epa accusing it o repertory overreaching its efforts to control sentiments build up from a creek in fairfam county.f fox news correspondent now live in washington with the report. >> preventing an enormous amount of development just with this one regulation. >> environmental protectionv agency's plan to regulate a single break in the commonwealt to cost state and county officials nearly half a billion dollars in a private puppy owners their homes andop businesses. for the department of transportation in fairfax county virginia to control storm waterd runoff on land they don't own. >> what they're going to have to do are things like take people's houses, even to them, knock the houses down and planted grass so the water doesn't flow, if instead soaks into the earth.te
7:28 pm
>> water, when there's too much of it, can be classified as a pollutant giving the epa broad repertory power under the clean waterat act. they filed a federal lawsuit against the epa earlier this year which was joined by the democratically controlled fairfax county board of supervisors who despite their political differences agree with the assessment that was the epaa is proposing is illegal. this beautiful land in federal court friday would epa has been arguing its plan is in harmony with the broader purposes of the act according to make includingt protecting the properties of water reduced to what her quality impact of storm water. democratic officials signed on to the lawsuit along the epa to move forward with its plan withi create new repertory power over private property. critics say it is all hype. >> we are told there is no possibility of homesn being
7:29 pm
removed in this process, so that it's is a little bit of anerst overstatement to sort of jen of the opposition to this >> the parties will meetju face-to-face before a federal judge friday morning were the plaintiffs are asking for an injunction to block the entire epa plan. by the way, the attorney generae in virginia told me the epa want to get control the situation, they may have to consider adding to the lawsuit. lou: the arrogance of this protection agency and its administrators might just think that would be appropriate. thank you so much, as always. this next story won't do much to bolster your trust in government either. wall street journal reporting the counterterrorism center nowe has a massive database of civilian information that it plans to use to track innocentet people for possible suspicious behavior without probable cause
7:30 pm
the database could potentially include everything from the flight information to health records and it can be kept up to five years. some in the obama administration will reportedly opposed to the government dragnet and invasion of privacy, but attorney general eric holder approved it anyway.b the free and brave, how about the land of pansies and the home of whiners. have we become oversensitive culture? we will tell you what he says, talking with a brand-new book, the joy of hate. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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♪ lou: our next guest says our country is under attack by liberals who claim to be offended and outraged and tryt lou: our next guest says our country is under attack by liberals who% to be enraged to disguise her own intolerance. we have the co-host of the fis on fox news and supposeda of red dye and his new book
7:34 pm
is this a joy of a pate >> it is the pleasure to be here. lou:la it is a laugh out loud funny. there is an orthodoxy built that you masterfully take apart. >> it is a person who pretends to be tolerant until they meet me you. as long as you agree with everything that they say. they travel in packs everybody is toxic but they are groups of people phew that under the guise of lou: you are so right about it.
7:35 pm
there is this sense that the project. they are superior. some kind of support who is killing. capable of understanding edginess. but it goes on throughout our society. you refer to fox news as the death star. i love that. >> that is how they look at it. i have a whole chapter in the book about my wife and that trying to sell an apartment and walking around with the real-estate agent, looking around and seeing certain books by people like mark stein and other things and then notices their is a picture of me with fox news. he looks at me and goes, this is new york city. you might want to gt that. i know. lou: 98% of the prospective buyers will be liberal. >> take everything and put it in the chest and we buried in the ocean so no one will ever find it. lou: and it is striking when you refer to fox as the death star. talking about the death star as
7:36 pm
overwhelming all of those left wing that works we will call them. and it is really true. you get one of two reactions, at least i have. you work for fox and the other is thank god you work for fox. by the way, the latter reaction is the one that is 80 percent of the time, at least. >> you will run into people that are not fans of fox and all it takeis about five minutes before you realize that they have never watched it. they will see something on a blog or it will hear something and the assumption is, that is the enemy. are. lou: your book, at various points, conveys the sene that you would like tobe in a drunken haze, a significant
7:37 pm
portion of your time. we all know better, but i have to give you credit. the juxtaposition in one sentence is hard to d. >> that was one of the worst jokes in the book. something about how i was comparing bad news to being in a zoo with bad news, and that may be the worst joke ever written. there is a lot that i have written that are terrible. lou: and you have been worrying about the pronunciation of news. 'm i am not even sure if i pronounce it incorrectly. when you do the audio version which i did not do there are times when you sayo words for the first time youneve have never said before and i have never said the worda gnus.k ov
7:38 pm
[laughter] they can resolve all of that by purchasing this book jacket out now. with chopsticks. i love the analysis. i truly do. it is a feature that needs to be dealt with. >> eight did the outbreak of a bacterium not drug-resistant it is drug proof attacking the health care facilities and officials fear it could spread to the population. dr. marc siegel joins us.
7:39 pm
man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. woman: they said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to learn how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting. man: a symptom may cause you not to be abable to do that anymore, and at one point,
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i was able to do any of those. man: since i've been cycling, it's definitely helped mwalking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key.
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♪ lou: we do not want to frighten or concern anyone over lee, but we do take thetry
7:42 pm
responsibility to bring it to you. hospitals waging a quiet battle against a super virus resistant to most of not all antibiotics. the deadly bacteria has been reported against 42 states in the country and concerned it could make its way into the general population.on and with responsible we have dr. marc siegel who has written extensively a about pandects this has the prospect of becoming one. lou: could you pronounced it? >> cre sounds very mysterious and foreboding and deadly which it is.
7:43 pm
lou: and so much so that the original reports were reversed sought it with "usa today" the idea that that the bug is drug proof? >> not entirely. occasionally there is an antibiotical that can be used. but 25 antibiotics that are tested don't work. to is a symptom of what'stom wrong with the current in a madison people are six so we threw a powerful antibioticwe this is a lie and talking about. bacteria makes millions of colonies.1, b
7:44 pm
it sees the drug and overtime will develop resistance. this was developed in 2001 but it spreads. people leave the hospital, take it to the nursing home. lou: cre has not left the public health facilities? correct. not yet.e just like t2. 40% death rate. >> what is a comparable disease? >> you'll see that with hiv or tuberculosis the biggest problemrc said drug companies to not have the incentive to get the antibiotics because once you are cared they do
7:45 pm
not need the antibiotic. you could use of cold medicine or niagara but this is only if you have the deadly bacteria so it is not profitable. but they have tried there is none that work all the time and it is growing. lou: and no drugs in the pipeline? n mno. with zero bombings tear the pipeline is drying up. it is growing and the cdc is very concerned in the hospital and i see you nursing home and in the gym possibly. lou: dr. marc the infectious diseases society says it kills 100,000 hospital patients every year and cost more
7:46 pm
than $34 billion every year. lou: tragedy in the nfl with drives a professional athlete to drugs and suicide? we will analyze the tragedy.
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7:49 pm
♪ lou: the weekend murder suicide from the kansas city linebacker belter last thee nfl community and country grasping for answers what was going on he is the sixthe nfl player to take his own life. a raising questions about
7:50 pm
traumatic brain injury and what is going on to help us understand what happened and what we should be thinking about as citizens, family members, friends. we have dr. ludwig and dr. dr. goh year. he shot his girlfriend nine times.coac no one can believe that he had done it to. >> he was also abusing the alcohol and drugs. he may have had a braine injury but with the alcohol and drugs could make a depression more profound ande more out of touch and a desperate. lou: people have commented about the loss of short-term
7:51 pm
memory does that? >> that is for a neurologist but i don't know how that indicates he would be more violent. i would say in a depressed pate, abusing his body, what triggered the murder-suicide , it is a girlfriend probably threatened to leave him. >> they were both very very young. >> new baby and the team was not doing well. lou: a great deal of. conflict. we >> we see that with young athletes but look at their traumatic brain injury. people just look at their big injury but the confession is that players goddess circuit seiche certain velocity velocity, it and stopped and then it hits from the inside that is what
7:52 pm
causes concussion. we look for the big hits but that is not where they come from. overtime could be the short-term memory memory loss. >> with murder-suicide sometimes intimate partner suicide. lou: and we should point* out the doctor has written a book about thatl until death do us part. when i was doing researchearc for the book, we found people who kill partners tohey does not mean that they doe not love them but they killed the part they do not w want them to these.l they are so dependent. >> or a partner who feels they are used, but they're
7:53 pm
surrounded by young women and they get pregnant but they don't want to harm the child it is more than they can bear. it could be a combination of alcohol, tbi, depression and relationship issues. they don't have to be mutually exclusive. lou: what is an increasingly recurrent phenomenonl murder and murder, violence and cannibalism.
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
lou: we're back with the doctors. happening more, i can'tr hearing so many instances of it. >> a november hearing so many instances of it in our society.n >> historically cannibalism has
7:57 pm
then documented. those who engage have a severe personality disorder that can be schizophrenic. but there is a sexual component. when you're eating somebody like in the case of a police officer in new york city to roast for thanksgiving, there was a sexual component, can feel the roddick, almost like an orgasm and you are eliminating somebody seen as bad, coming from i am good, you are evil, i am putting you out of your misery. >> it is possessing their life force, possessing everything about them and that is part of you also have to look at what is happening on the streets with the scenes of cannibalism with
7:58 pm
the bath salts. it produces schizophrenia, paranoia and extreme strength and they cannot subdu could note of these people. that is part of the process what is going on. lou: i have had quite enough of this. let's turn to the fiscal cliff, we are watching john boehner, playing out on a national stage a game i am not sure the national media quite gets ors perhaps even they as astute asst they are, the game of politics they quite get.g this is everything for a lot of people, what do you make of it>i in their attitudes, their demeanor, their personality? >> everybody is trying to beth right, it needs to happen for
7:59 pm
what is best for our country anm in this country. >> is almost a testosterone contest. it is not about winning for the american people is about winning for the party, i can do it better than you, it has to be who wins, w who loses? >> psychologically it is unsettling because it interferes with their comfort level in terms of spending and feelingf >> i don't think about it, they noticed a game of chicken when it comes to this fiscal cliff. lou: etc. look a except when wet projections. talking about another recession.
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